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Electric Train Productions

The Problem.

The client came to me with his original self-produced logo, looking for a professional brand identity and website facelift as he expanded his market to corporate clients. We needed a brand and website that would appeal to Electric Train’s two distinct markets: artists and corporate business owners.

The Solution.

I began by producing iterations drawn from the ideas the client and I had both been excited about initially: industrial aesthetics, hand-rendered etchings, and Orson Welles. Nothing was quite hitting the mark until I began working with the image of the high speed train, using the classically “futuristic” view of the future. I sketched several looks for the train, eventually moving into digital for a crisp and versatile vector mark. The result is a sleek, clean, and minimalist campaign that provides an open backdrop for whatever project their clients bring. The website needed to allow the user to filter styles and areas of work quickly and allow the projects to shine. We built a robust portfolio site that places the work front and centre with image thumbnails and large players, using a user-friendly CMS so the portfolio can be updated in-house. Instead of a full sized news section we opted for a condensed bulletin section, where staff can post the latest news and events on the fly.

What We Did: Branding, Print Collateral, Website

Project Status: Launched, Printed, Website Live

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