About Reesa


As Creative Director / Principal of Ballyhoo Design Co., Reesa works tirelessly with her clients to align design objectives with marketing goals and target audiences. With an extensive background in web design, print design, prepress, production, and fine art, Reesa is uniquely qualified to manage broad marketing campaigns, guiding projects from conception to successful realization. She has substantial experience in Branding and Positioning: delivering on-brand solutions for high profile corporations, and working with SMEs from upstart and beyond. Reesa takes a methodical approach to creativity, believing the best solution can only be reached once you fully understand the problem. Most of all, Reesa strives to work and connect with great people and produce beautifully crafted, well thought-out work to help them stand out from their competitors.

Reesa is a flextrovert into food and gender politics, vintage jazz, and otter videos. She co-owns and teaches at a vintage jazz dance studio called Bees’ Knees Dance. She is hanging around in the kitchen and drinking coffee, probably.